Pets Imperial Savoy Large Chicken Coop Double With Nest Box & 4ft 6″ Run Suitable For up to 10 Birds Depending on Size

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  • Dimensions incl nest box (approx): 4ft.9″(W)x 3ft.3″(D)x 3ft.14″(H) with 4ft. 6″ run
  • Galvanised metal pull-out tray for very easy cleaning. Suitable for up to 10 birds depending on size.
  • Made from animal friendly treated timber, designed to last for years. Totally fox proof. Comes with 1.4m Run
  • Two nest boxes with 6 compartments and four perches. Feet of Coop covered by rot free adjustable plastic cap.
  • Comes flat packed, supplied in two boxes which maybe delivered separaterly. Requires assembly, clear instructions.

Your Pets ImperialĀ® Savoy Double Chicken coop 4ft.9″(W)x 3ft.3″(D)x 3ft.1″(H) with 4ft. 6″ run, has been designed to further enhance it’s outstanding, awesome, fantastic build quality. Now is your chance, to keep chickens in a secure and safe environment in your garden which is easily cleaned, maintained and will last for years. The galvanised pull out metal tray is easy to clean and can be pulled out from the front or back of the coop, please see images. The roof now opens giving you access to all parts of the coop so you can combat red mite, other parasites and maintain the hygiene of your Savoy coop. The Savoy coop wood paneling is tongue and groove shaped boards which are both attractive and strong. This results in a practical and attractive chicken coop. Totally Fox and Coyote proof. Made from animal friendly treated timber, designed to last for years. 4 removal perches, 2 nest boxes with 6 compartments. Your Chicken Coop comes in Three Boxes which may arrive separately, requires assembly, clear instructions. Your coop has been ergonomically designed (specifically made) to make the most efficient use of space and light. This coop has been designed to keep your pets in and predators out!!!