Well designed chicken tractor solution

500 $
May 2, 2020 22


6 ft coop tractor ready to go. Functions easy gravity feeders (food stays dry and clean), simple five gallon water buckets with poultry pipes (water stays clean and aquarium heaters can be installed in winter to avoid cold), welded wire, egg doors, easy clean wire floors, vented roofs, hinged locking roofs (available in metal or plastic, plastic recommended for safety), fully enclosed hinged under ramps, yard doors, roofs. Sealer for wood 10yr /25yr. Kid's Plexiglass window available for $25 extra. Well built, well constructed, drilled and screwed. 

I was designing a much better chicken tractor solution. Great for the first timers, since these coops are easy to operate and manage, and if you decide chickens aren't for you, you can afford to sell this coop.
Dimension: 4 ft x 6ft
Material: Wood
Condition: New
Delivery: Yes