Very well-built large Chicken Coop

1975 $
May 2, 2020 20


Very well-built large Chicken Coop . The design offers extra safety from the severe weather of wind and snow, with the end of the pen being solid. The front and back of the pen area are open for great air flow. The screen of the pen is 1 1/2 "by 4" openings of 14 gauge welded and vinyl coated wire. The wood is rough sawn douglas fir tongue and grooved and then polished with the Penofin Blue Label Clear to demonstrate the distinctive character of the timber.

In the end of the pen there is a chicken door which allows the chickens to free space if they want. The entire coop is 6 'by 12' and stands on 2 x 4's pressure treated where it touches the floor. An outer nest box is in place to allow easy gathering of eggs and to provide more space in the coop area. The roof is made of green steel that will last. You're welcome to try it out at any time. It's located in the West End of Billings, close to 48th Street.
Dimension: 6' x 12'
Material: Wood
Condition: Used
Delivery: Yes