Tips and Advises for Chicken Coops Checklist

A chicken coop is a good home for people who are raising and breeding chickens. The good think about it, you can monitor and check its health status. Keep in mind that if you are building a shelter for mother-hens to lay their eggs, considers the number and size of each so you can estimate the entire area. Of course, there is more than just building chicken coops. Just like interior home planning, you will also need to determine the interior portion of the shelter. To make it easier, here is a checklist that you will need before you are going to build a hen house.


  1. Roosts- chickens do also sleep. Most of the day they spend their time sleeping or if not pecking their food. Installing a perch inside the chicken coop makes them more comfortable than resting their feet on a damp ground. Perch would look like a horizontal bar that is placed across the housing where they can rest and sleep.


  1. The use of nesting boxes- this is where the chickens will lay their eggs. The purpose of a nesting box puts the eggs into safety so as not to break it. This must have insulation such as the use of a straw to make sure that it will provide warmth to the eggs.


  1. Food and water- the advantage of building your own chicken coop is that you can customize the area where you can feed the chickens with food and water. It would be best to keep your feeders off the ground to avoid spilling of the containers.


  1. The bedding and insulation- the use of a straw is the most important material that you can display in the chicken coop. The material is absorbent, cheaper and provides a soft comfort to the birds. Another material that you can consider using is the use of chips or wood shavings. An insulator would only require minimal use because chickens can’t tolerate too much heat.


  1. Proper Ventilation- even chickens needs ventilation in their resting home. Providing good air flow inside the chicken coop will promote their wellness such as installing a simple window. Do not forget to put protection on the window to ensure that chickens will not be trapped in it.


  1. Protect the chicken coops area- remember that chickens have many predators. If you are not fencing your chicken coops properly expect that the hens will be devoured anytime by its prey. A wire mesh is usually used to protect the around the areas of the chicken coop. Make sure that it is built with a sturdy material and do not forget to padlock the doors as well.


  1. Waterproof coop- knowing that chickens can’t tolerate too much cold or too much heat. Placing them in a balance place where they can be secured at all times. More so, a waterproof chicken coop is one of the best shelters that you can provide for your chicken.


If you have already planned and prepared your chicken coop project, make sure that you have the entire checklist provided so that you can keep your chickens free from any harm and danger.