Building Your Own Chicken Coop

plans to build a chicken coop

A chicken coop is also known as a hen house. This is where egg-laying chickens are placed because its environment is best fitted to secure a number of eggs. You can actually create your own home for your mother-hens. If you have brought a couple of chicks and placing them in a brooder is a good way for you to keep the chicks for the mean time. Furthermore, preparing for their home will not take you six weeks to finish and this is also the perfect time for you to gather materials in building your own chicken coops. Don’t worry there is no deadline.

Let’s differentiate a pre-made and DIY chicken coop, considering that you are budgeting, a pre-made would be a great installment. However, most of it is sold very expensive and you are not sure as to how long it will last regardless of the materials that it is made. Whereas, a DIY chicken coop guarantees its longevity because you know the sturdiness and toughness. The advantage of DIY is that you can choose materials that are way better than a pre-made. Would it be so much fun to customize your own chicken coops? For sure you are already thinking good names for your chicks.

Learning how to build a hen house will only take 4 easy steps and in no time you will have a haven for your chickens to grow. Mind you, if you know anything about carpentry and wood work, this article would be so much helpful to you. However, if you are not, you can always find ways to build your chicken coop. Here are the following ways for you to build your own hen house.

  • The number of chickens and size- did you know that for every chicken that you have, this takes to occupy about 4 square feet? So, therefore, if you plan to have 5 to 10 chickens then have at least 20 to 40 square feet of space. This is why, it is very important that you decide on the number of chickens that you’re going to raise and breed. An essential planning will make it an ideal dimension in building a DIY chicken coops.


  • Strategic planning setting a chicken coop- it is important that you are able to have good plans in order for you to know the kind of materials that you will need and remember that you are building a shelter for your chickens to keep them safe. Planning includes the proper ventilation, boxes for nesting, its perch areas (count how many chickens that will sleep in the chicken coop), propping the coop (make sure that they can move freely).


  • Gather all the materials that you will need- as soon as you have all the materials needed, obtaining and implementing the plans in building chicken coops are achievable. The quality is important, so, be sure that it can withstand extreme seasons. Make sure that you proper estimation as to how many materials you will need.


  • Coop building- always starts in building the foundation and gear up towards the entire structure. Keep measurement in accurate especially in building windows, doors and its roofing.

Having to provide proper shelter for your chicken guarantees healthy living and free from any contaminants and risk to the environment. With these four easy steps, you can definitely have time to plan out a design and style of chicken coops that you want.