All The Benefits of a Portable Chicken Coop

There are varieties of chicken coops to choose from. Some would prefer to build it and other like to buy a pre-built type of hen house. This also comes in different sizes and shapes depending on the number of chickens that you are planning to raise and breed. Making a chicken coop is not that complicated. In fact, you will only need few supplies, basic knowledge of wood work, carpentry and a fee day for you to start building. Exciting isn’t it?

Size and shape of a portable chicken coop

Whether you are buying a pre-built or considering building it on your own always keep in mind that the size of your backyard or the entire lot area matters. The function of a hen house simply provide the needs of the chickens such as food and shelter same goes with a portable chicken coop. Portable chicken coops is usually used for people who are in the business. This comes in handy for travelling with chickens. More so, here are the following benefits of a portable or carrier chicken coop.

  • It is cleaner than other options- as it is called as “portable” meaning to say, you can move it from one place to the other. It is also known as the chicken tractors and this has a frame of an A-shape that comes with a smaller hen house and a protection from its predators. There are other larger versions that have wheels for easy transportation. Since this is portable, it is quicker to clean or else chickens are prone to contamination and diseases.


  • Keep the area free from predators- chickens do also need to be out from their homes and lurking is one way for them to feel freedom without adding stress. However, if you are currently living in an area wherein such chickens are endangered, it would be best to keep them away from their predators. So, taking the advantage of using a portable chicken coop by allowing them to exercise and breathe cleaner air is also important for their health.


  • Transport mobile coop- perhaps you are wondering how to deal with chicken manure? Rest assured that its manure is best for fertilizing property. It is excellent in maintaining your soil as this is rich in potassium, phosphorous, nitrogen and nutrients. It makes it more fertile and improves the structure of the soil. This is why, investing for a portable coop makes it more interesting for breeders.


  • It can keep the eggs well-contained- last benefit is that, portable chicken coops can contain all the eggs that the chickens had laid eggs. Most of the free-range type of birds would lay their eggs as to wherever it pleases them. While you have a mother-hen that will be laying eggs anytime soon, portable chicken coop comes in handy to confine the hen for nesting.

In conclusion, having a portable chicken coop does also provide a healthy lifestyle for your chickens. It can even protect your chickens well rather than having it to lurk around the areas which they can be prone to be eaten by its predator. You can as well bring your chicken to another place in case there are any business transactions or the chicken needs medical attention.